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How do I sign up with MyInfo?
How do I sign up with MyInfo?
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  1. Launch the GetGo app

  2. Enter your phone number and the 6-digit OTP

  3. Select Set up instantly with MyInfo.

4. After verifying your details, click on “I’m ready for a selfie”

Please ensure that:

  1. The camera lens is clean

  2. You are in a well lit place but out of direct sunlight

  3. You have a background without any distractions

Once you’ve completed your identity verification and entered your credit/debit card details, you’ll be able to start driving with us!


  • You are given a total of 5 attempts to verify your identity. If your verification is unsuccessful on the 5th attempt, please fill up the Document Verification form. If your booking is starting within 24 hours and you need urgent help, please reach out to us on Live Chat.

Remember to enter your referral code before confirming your sign up to redeem your referral discount.

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