The total booking charge includes the Time Charge (varies based on timing) and the Mileage Charge.

The mileage charge is $0.39/km for the Economy, Standard, and Premium categories, and $0.29/km for the Standard Electric, Commercial Electric, and Premium Electric categories.

If you opt for CDW, it will cost you an additional 5% of your total booking charge.

Here’s our pricing table:

For e.g., if Amanda made a booking for a Standard category car on Monday, 2pm to 4pm, and travelled 20km, she would pay:

(2h x $6) + (20km x $0.39) = $19.80

If Amanda opted for CDW, she would pay:

$19.80 + (0.05 x $19.80) = $20.79

Note: All prices stated are inclusive of GST

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