We encourage you to always care for the next user as the previous user cared for you. If you have the time, we recommend that you drive to the nearest ESSO Petrol Kiosk to refuel the vehicle at the nearest ESSO Petrol Kiosk using the ESSO Fuel Card and PIN.

The fuel will be charged to the ESSO Fuel Card which will be covered by us. On top of that, we will reward you with a Promo Code for you to apply on one of your upcoming rides.

The code will be sent to your email address that you've registered with GetGo within 3 working days.

If you can't get to an ESSO Petrol Kiosk, you can also refuel the vehicle at any other Petrol Station by making upfront payment and requesting for reimbursement later. We will also send you a $3 Promo Code for your time.

Follow these steps to refuel at other stations:

  1. Ensure the fuel tank is left with less than ΒΌ tank

  2. Choose 95 RON petrol (Synergy Extra, FuelSave 95, Levo95, Premium 95) or Diesel to refuel

  3. Refuel to full tank

Fuel Level (pre-pump)

Fuel Level (post-pump)

Selected Petrol

Less than 1/4 Tank

Full Tank

95 RON Petrol (Synergy Extra. Shell FuelSave 95, Levo95, Premium 95)

Here's how to get your Fuel Charge Reimbursed:

  1. Take a clear photo of your receipt

  2. Submit your booking details and receipt via our Reimbursement Form

Our system will verify the refuel against your photo receipt. Once approved, you will receive your reimbursement within 3 working days.

You'll be required to pay upfront and we'll reimburse you thereafter. Do hold on to your receipt and follow these steps before you end your booking:

within 3 working days.

Please note form submission without a clear picture of the receipt will not be considered for reimbursements.

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