You won't need to top up the fuel if it is sufficient for your booking duration! You may proceed to refuel the vehicle if there is less than 1/4 of fuel remaining upon collection. Not sure how to refuel? You may follow these steps below. ☺️

Follow these steps to refuel using the Esso fuel card:

  1. Reach out to us via Live Chat for a 4-digit PIN

  2. Get ready to fill in your Booking ID and car plate number for verification purposes. Take note the PIN is different for each use.

  3. Head over to your nearest Esso petrol station

  4. Insert the card into the terminal on the top-up kiosk and remove it when the screen says "Please remove card"

  5. Key in the PIN on the number pad

  6. Proceed to fuel the car with Synergy Extra or Diesel (depending on the car model)

  7. Remove the pump, collect the receipt (optional) and you’re done!

  8. Do note that all our cards come with a $100 limit for refuelling.

For a more detailed description, you may click on the link below:

We recommend heading to an Esso station, and using our Esso fuel card for a smoother process. You may still head to other petrol stations, and we'll still reimburse you — but take note that if you refuel at any other petrol stations from ¼ tank to full tank, you'll receive a $3 promo code instead.

Follow the steps to refuel at other stations:

  1. Make sure your fuel tank is left with less than 1/4 fuel

  2. Head to the nearest petrol station to you

  3. Choose 95 petrol (Shell FuelSave 95, Levo95, Premium 95) or Diesel to refuel

  4. Refuel to full tank

Please hold on to your receipt and follow these steps before you end your booking:

  1. Take a photo of your receipt

  2. Tap on the link below to fill up the form for us to reimburse you for the fuel

  3. We will be able to automatically verify the top up from our system, so there’s no need to upload any other photos other than a full and clear photo of the receipt!

Do note that forms without a clear picture of the receipt will not be considered for reimbursements.

Our team will follow up with you on reimbursement within 4 working days. To thank you for helping us, we will give you a $3 promo code for helping us feed our cars (but please do top up to a full tank from a <1/4 tank)!

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