If the car has less than a ¼ tank of fuel left, we recommend heading to an Esso petrol station and using the Esso fuel card placed in every car to refuel. Plus, if you refuel from less than ¼ tank to a full tank using the Esso fuel card, you'll receive a $6 promo code.

If there isn't an Esso station near you, you may still head out to any other petrol stations. You're required to pay upfront, but we'll reimburse you once you submit the reimbursement form.

However, if you're not sure if the remaining fuel is enough to drive out to the nearest petrol station, please reach out to us via Live Chat. Someone from our Support Team will assist you.

Bonus: Did you know that you'll get a promo code from us if you help top up our vehicles from 3/4 tank or less to full tank using our Esso fuel card? Find out more here!

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