1. Once you connect to your booked vehicle, tap on Start

2. Read through our Community Rules and tap on Next

3. Read through the Reporting guide and tap on Ok, got it

4. Tap on Front, Driver side, Back, and/or Passenger side to report any damages

5. Select the type of damage from the list of options

6. Tap on the camera icon to take and upload photos of the damages you’ve selected

7. If you’re unable to inspect for damages in the vehicle’s home lot, you may tap on I can’t check now, remind me later! Remember to reposition your vehicle before you start your drive and inspect for damages

8. Tap on Submit and unlock

Important: We strongly advise our GetGoers to conduct inspections at the beginning of their bookings and to report any new damage to us. Damage discovered during the initial inspection must be reported before you begin driving. If damage is reported during your booking or by the next user at the beginning of their booking, you may be held liable.

If the vehicle is not safe to drive, please contact us through our 24/7 Live Chat. Our Support Team will assist you.

Note: The photos of damages taken and submitted via the GetGo app will be automatically stored in your device for your own safekeeping and reference.

In iOS devices, you may find them in the Photos app. In Android devices, you may need to manually allow access to the GetGo app to store photos on your device.

How to allow permission for Android devices

1. Go to the Settings app on your device

2. Search for GetGo in the search bar

3. Tap on Permissions, then tap on Files and media permissions

4. Select Allow access to media only

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