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Where do I park the car at the end of my booking?
Where do I park the car at the end of my booking?
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Please park our cars at the designated carpark and lot as indicated in your booking page.

We are a Point A-to-A service, so you'll have to return your car to the same lot you picked it up from.

With our Electric Vehicle (EV), it’s good to maintain at least 50% battery level in an EV for the next GetGoer.

This means that you may leave your EV to charge if it has a battery level lower than 50% at the end of your booking.

Important: The GetGo app supports charging at CDG ENGIE, Charge+ and ChargEco stations. If the charging lot is occupied, please return your EV to its home lot regardless of the battery level.

If you're unsure of the carpark details, you may find it in your Booking page.

Do note that if the car is not parked back at it's home lot, there will be a $200 convenience fee (excluding GST) that will be charged to you as we will have to tow the vehicle back to its home lot.

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