1. How much does it cost to book per hour?

There's a time charge that varies depending on the time range, and a mileage charge of $0.25-$0.39/km. Read more here.

2. Can I return the car to a different location?

We're a Point A-to-A service, so you'll have to return the car to the same carpark and lot that you picked it up from. Read more here.

3. What will happen if I return the car late?

Every booking is given a 10-minute grace period to return the car to the designated carpark lot and end the booking. There's an auto-extension of 30 minutes (in a maximum of two 15-minute blocks) if you have not returned the car after the 10-minute grace period. If you exceed both the grace period and auto-extension of 30 minutes, there will be a late return fee — so try your best not to be late! Read more here.

4. Am I able to start my booking early?

Yes, you can start your booking 10 minutes earlier. Read more here.

5. Do I get refunded back for the hours I didn't use?

There are no refunds even if you decide to end your booking early. Read more here.

6. Do I need to top up and pay for fuel?

If you would like to score a promo code for your next drive, you can help us refuel the car to a full tank if the car has under 3/4 of fuel left!

We cover the cost of fuel, so you will be reimbursed. A promo code will also be provided to you if you top up to a full tank from 3/4 tank or less using the Esso fuel card. Read more here.

7. What are the Terms & Conditions that I need to take note of?

Click to learn more about our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

8. What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your booking at no additional cost if you do so 48 hours before the planned collection time. Read more here.

9. How do I make a booking on the app?

Ready to GetGo? Learn how to make a booking here.

10. There is a car in my GetGo lot, what should I do?

You may proceed to park the car at the closest white lot in the same carpark and follow these steps before ending your booking — read more here.

11. What happens if I'm late/don't show up for my booking?

You'll still be charged for the booking made, and no refunds will be given. Read more here.

12. How do I start a particular car?

We have user guides for each car model, so check them out to find out not just how to start the car, but everything else you have to know about each car.

Mazda 3 | Toyota Sienta | Ssangyong Tivoli | Honda Shuttle | Ssangyong Stavic

13. Am I able to extend my booking?

Yes, although the extension is subjected to the availability of the car. Read more here.

14. Is insurance provided?

Yes, we cover the basic car insurance. But if you do opt for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW*) insurance, you will have to pay for it. The payment is calculated by 5% of the total booking charge. Read more about CDW here, and about insurance excess.

15. I can't find a certain carpark!

We know that some carparks can be quite a maze, so we've put together a collection of articles for some of the more confusing carparks — read more here.

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