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How do I switch on the headlights and aircon in the Tivoli?
How do I switch on the headlights and aircon in the Tivoli?
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The best way to switch on the Tivoli's headlights is to leave it as this setting as shown in the picture. This lever can be found on the left side of the steering wheel.

The switch on the left should always be left on AUTO as shown below. This means that your headlights would be on whenever you are in a dark place or if it's at night. It will turn off automatically once you enter a bright area.

To activate the high-beam, just pull the same lever here towards you for a quick flash and push it away from you for the high-bean to remain on.

In order to switch on the Tivoli's aircon, you will need to:

  1. Turn the biggest knob that has the words AUTO and A/C on it to switch it on

  2. Alternatively, you can just press the AUTO button on the knob

  3. To adjust the fan speed of the aircon, you can turn the knob left or right to get your desired wind speed

  4. To adjust the temperature of the aircon, there will be a button on the left that says TEMP. The up arrow increases the temperature and the down arrow decreases the temperature.

  5. Do also make sure that the Internal Air Circulation button of the car is turned on — this button is located above the DUAL button.

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