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My tyre is flat! What do I do?
My tyre is flat! What do I do?
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If your tyre goes flat during a booking, there is a quick fix! Some car models* include a tyre inflator kit, which you can use to self-inflate the tyre and continue your journey.

(* Only for Toyota Sienta, Honda Shuttle and Honda Grace. For other models, please reach out to us on Live Chat.)

If there are no obvious holes seen on the tyre and there isn't a gas station nearby, you may follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Tyre Inflator Kit, which can be found in the car's boot. There will be a lid to lift, as shown in the photo below

  2. Remove the valve cap from the tyre valve stem (make sure to keep it with you — don't lose it!)

  3. Attach the air hose onto the tyre valve stem. Screw it in until it is tight

  4. Detach the wire compressor and plug it into the cigarette charger in your car (usually located at the front of car's interior). Be careful not to pinch the cord in a door or window

  5. Ensure that the car's engine is turned on and turn the power system on

  6. Watch the gauge — once the pressure reaches 2.2, you may turn off the kit

  7. Unplug the compressor and unscrew the air hose from the tyre valve stem. Remember to put back the valve cap!

  8. Place the kit back in the compartment at the car's boot

Meanwhile, please continue to report the problem to us via Live Chat. When the car is back at the home lot, our ops team will inspect it and ensure it is in working order.

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