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What are GetGo’s Community Rules?
What are GetGo’s Community Rules?
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We have a dedicated team that works around the clock to ensure that all GetGo cars are regularly serviced and cleaned. However, we also rely on our users to keep the cars clean and report any issues (if any) as well — carsharing is a shared responsibility!

Please take note of our Community Rules:

  • Return your vehicle on time so that the next user isn’t affected. If you're unable to do so, please let us know immediately via Live Chat

  • Smoking and littering are prohibited in our vehicles

  • Keep pets in carriers at all times as pet fur can cause allergic reactions among some users

  • Remember to collect your personal items at the end of your booking and clean up after yourself

  • Return your vehicle to the same lot you first drove it from. If the vehicle’s home lot is occupied, follow the steps here.

Important: We strongly advise you to complete your vehicle condition reports before and after your trip. This is so you can protect yourself from liability for any damage that may not have been caused by you.

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