What's better than driving in a GetGo car? Driving in a GetGo car with a full tank of fuel of course!

Refueling has just become so much easier with an ESSO card in all our cars. Simply generate a unique PIN via the GetGo app when you are ready to pay (we will foot the bill, don't you worry πŸ˜‰).

Did we also mention you could receive a promo code for refueling the car during your booking? For being the kind soul that you are, when you refuel at any ESSO stations using the ESSO card, only from ΒΌ tank to full tank, you'll receive a $6 promo code! We'll have the promo code delivered to you via email within 3 working days of the refuel date.

Now, here's how you pay with our ESSO card:

  1. Launch the GetGo app and select your ongoing booking

  2. Scroll down and select "Refuel Now!"

  3. An ESSO PIN will be automatically generated

  4. Swipe/Insert the ESSO card, located in our car (it's usually tucked in the sun visor), into the petrol/diesel kiosk terminal

  5. Enter the ESSO PIN that was generated

  6. Hold on to the receipt for safekeeping

  7. Select "Done" on the GetGo app

  8. Voila! A full tank paid by yours truly to enjoy your drive. πŸš™

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