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How do I refuel with the Esso fuel card and get the fuel PIN?
How do I refuel with the Esso fuel card and get the fuel PIN?

The fuel PIN is now automatically generated within the GetGo app!

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We encourage you to always think about the next user in the same way that the previous user thought about you. If you have the time, we recommend driving to the nearest ESSO Petrol Kiosk and refueling the vehicle with the ESSO Fuel Card and PIN.

Our vehicles are equipped with an Esso fuel card, typically tucked in the sun visor above the driver’s seat. To use it, you’d need to generate a unique PIN via the GetGo app once you’re at the petrol station.

The refueling cost will be covered by us and charged to the Esso fuel card. On top of that, we'll reward you with a promo code you may use for your next booking.

Your refuel promo code will be added to your promo code wallet automatically within 3 business days.

Here is a video guide on refueling using the Esso fuel card.

Do note that there will be a penalty for refueling the wrong fuel type for the vehicle.

And that’s it! Enjoy your drive and have fun on the road. 💙

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