Oh dear! We charge our EVs daily so you don't have to. 😊 Yet, sometimes us humans exert ourselves too much in the day that a cup of coffee or a quick nap is what's needed to carry us through.

While our EVs don't exactly need coffee, it needs a fast recharge! 🔌⚡ For the trouble you go through to and if the range level is below 100km, you'll receive a $6 promo code when you help us recharge our EVs for at least 30 minutes (DC/CCS fast charging only).

You have two options, select either to get more information on how to recharge:


Both options will require you to download their own mobile app and make payments upfront. Don't worry, we'll reimburse you for your trouble.


  • Form submission without a clear picture of the receipt will not be considered for reimbursements

  • Reimbursements and promo code issuance (if eligible) will be provided within 3 working days of successful reimbursement form submission

  • Approach our CX team at GetGo Help Centre should you find the EVs range level insufficient at the start of your booking

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