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How do I turn on the aircon for Honda Civic?
How do I turn on the aircon for Honda Civic?
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Honda Civic equipped with touch screen control panel for the aircon.

  1. To turn on aircon you will have to tap on the "Fan On/Off" and make sure the A/C is turned on.

  2. Increase or decrease the temperature by turning the knob on the left and right knobs respectively.

  3. Increase or decrease the fan speed by locating the climate button on the touchscreen (which can be found on the main screen) and tapping on your required fan speed.

  4. You can change the aircon blowing direction by tapping the "Mode" in the center of the screen.

  5. The "Front" and "Rear" is the demister that assists to clear out foggy vision

  6. "Auto" function allow the car to auto-adjust temperature and fan level depending on the weather.

  7. The internal air recirculation button keeps outside air from coming into the cabin.

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