This is how the SP public charging station looks like! 🔌

Download the SP Utilities app via Apple App Store or Google Play in order to start charging at any SP public charging stations.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, tap on Explore > EV Charging. It’ll show you a list of available charging lots nearby you. Filter for DC charging lots only, as these are fast chargers.

Here is a video guide on how to recharge at SP public charging station.

Bonus: If you recharge our EVs for at least 30 minutes for range levels less than 100km (DC/CCS fast charging only), we’ll send you a $6 promo code as thanks! It’ll be sent via email within 3 working days of the refuel date.

Please take note:

  1. Form submission without a clear picture of the receipt will not be considered for reimbursement

  2. Reimbursement and promo code issuance (if eligible) will be provided within 3 working days of successful reimbursement form submission

  3. Approach our Support Team via Live Chat should you find the EVs range level insufficient at the start of your booking

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