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How do I apply the promo code to my booking?
How do I apply the promo code to my booking?
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There are 2 ways to apply a promo code to your booking.

Through the BOOKING page

  1. Input the booking start date & duration

  2. Select your preferred vehicle

  3. Input the promo code in the Enter promo code field

  4. Confirm your booking


  1. Tap on the promo code you wish to use under the Promo tab

2. Scroll down and tap on Use

3. Proceed with making a booking; the promo code will automatically be applied

When tapping into a promo code, you’ll be able to view its full details with terms such as:

  • Redeem by: The date you will have to use the code by to make a booking within the validity date period

  • Validity period: The booking period which you may book using the promo code

  • Min spend: The minimum spending on time charges before the promo code can be applied

  • Capped at: The highest limit at which the discount will be capped

  • Remaining use(s): The number of times the code can be applied before it becomes invalid

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