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GrabPay Credits and PayLater payment option via HitPay
GrabPay Credits and PayLater payment option via HitPay
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In the event that you have received an Email Invoice from our Finance Team, it is possible that there is an outstanding charge, and you have the option to settle the payment directly using the received invoice.


  • A 1% admin charge, applied to the payment amount, is a one-time charge for Grab PayLater and Atome payment option.

  • Find out more on PayNow and GIRO payment option

  1. Select the "Pay now" option to access your invoice on the web. Alternatively, you can also choose to click on "View your bill online" using the attached PDF.

2. At the top-left corner of the invoice is a green button labelled "PayNow" > Upon clicking this button, you will be redirected to the payment page.

3. Choose either the "GrabPay" or "PayLater by Grab" option from the provided payment methods, then proceed by clicking the Payment button.

4. You will be redirected to the Grab app and prompted to log in to your Grab account. Enter your registered mobile number and then select “Next”.

* If you encounter any issues, simply tap on 'Send OTP' and enter the provided OTP for verification

5. Select Grab Payment Method from one of the options:

  • GrabPay Wallet: A mobile wallet that contains a topped-up balance that can be used towards your purchases. You can proceed to purchase a top-up of

  • GrabPay Credits: To be able to proceed with payment via this sub-method

    * Please note that Grab PayLater Credit Limits are dependent on your credit status/allowance with Grab. For more information, do contact Grab directly to inquire on this

7. Upon payment successful, it will be reflected as “PAID” in your invoice and will be immediately updated on our end.

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