A 30-minute auto-extension feature is built in for every booking, as well as a 10-minute grace period at the end of your booking.

Once you pass the 10-minute grace period, the auto-extension feature kicks in, and it occurs in 2 blocks of 15 minutes.

For instance, let’s say you have a booking for today from 10:00am to 11:00am.

  • At 11:10am, the end of your initial grace period, if you have not ended your booking, it’ll be auto-extended to 11:15am, with a new grace period up till 11:25 am.

  • At 11:25am, if you do not end your booking in time again, it’ll be auto-extended again to 11:30am, with a new grace period up to 11:40 am.

Once you pass the 11:40am mark without ending your booking, you’ll be charged a late return fee of $50 per hour or part thereof.

Keep in mind:

  • Once our auto-extension feature kicks in, you will not be able to manually extend your booking

  • If you’re unsure about being able to return the car on time, please notify us via Live Chat so that we may assist both you and the next user promptly

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