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How do I rate a vehicle’s cleanliness on the app?
How do I rate a vehicle’s cleanliness on the app?
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1. Once you’ve submitted the damages report and unlocked your vehicle, you’ll see an option to rate the vehicle’s interior cleanliness

2. Select the number of stars you wish to rate (1 star being the least acceptable and 5 stars being the most acceptable)

3. Tap on Submit

4. In the event that you rate 2 stars or less, you’ll have to provide additional details on the cleanliness issue(s) in your booked vehicle so that our team can take the necessary action

5. Tap on the camera icon to take and upload photos of the issues you’ve selected

6. Tap on Submit

Note: The photos of damages taken and submitted via the GetGo app will be automatically stored in your device for your own safekeeping and reference.

In iOS devices, you may find them in the Photos app. In Android devices, you may need to manually allow access to the GetGo app to store photos on your device.

How to allow permission for Android devices

1. Go to the Settings app on your device

2. Search for GetGo in the search bar

3. Tap on Permissions, then tap on Files and media permissions

4. Select Allow access to media only

Note: While rating your booked vehicle’s cleanliness is optional, we strongly recommend that you do so. This is so that we can take action on the previous errant user.

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