If you received an Email Invoice from our Finance Team, it could be that you have an outstanding charge and you may make payment directly from the Invoice received

1. From the email, click on “Pay now” to view your invoice online. Alternatively, you may click on “View and pay online now” via the PDF attachment.

2. At the top left-hand corner of the invoice, you will see a green button - “Click here to pay online” and you will be redirected to the payment page.

3. Select “Atome” from the payment methods made available and click on the Payment button to proceed.

4. You will be re-directed and prompted to Scan the QR code or you can manually log in to your Atome account using your mobile number

5. From the main page, tap on “Pay” at the right-hand corner

* Please note that Atome Credit Limits depend on your credit status/allowance with Atome. For more information, do contact Atome directly to inquire about this.

6. Upon payment success, it will be reflected as “PAID” in your invoice and immediately updated on our end.

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