Here is a guide on how to recharge at CDG ENGIE charging station with our EV Charging card

How to start charging:

1. Turn off the EV

2. Open the EV’s charging port

3. Unhook the DC/CCS charger off the kiosk and plug it into the charging port

4. Tap the card at the card reader, and the charging will commence in a few seconds

How to stop charging:

1. Unlock the car and unplug the charger from the charging port and return it to its kiosk

2. And that’s it! Enjoy your drive and have fun on the road. 💙

Find a list of fast chargers to charge your GetGo EV here!

Keep in mind:

  • You will need to unlock the vehicle before you unplug the charger off

  • If you are facing difficulty unplugging the charger, follow the basic troubleshooting by heading over to your car and using the central locking function to lock and unlock the car.

Bonus: We will email the promo code to you via your registered email address with GetGo within three working days, based on the kilowatts charged.

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