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In-app Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Guide
How do I charge an Electric Vehicle (EV) via the GetGo app?
How do I charge an Electric Vehicle (EV) via the GetGo app?
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You can use the GetGo app to find nearby partner charging stations (CDG ENGIE, CHARGE+, ChargEco) to charge your booked EV during your drive. We’ll cover the charging cost and give you a promo code as a reward for recharging the EV.

If your booked EV’s remaining battery level is below 50% when your booking ends, please return to its suggested charging lot and recharge it. Otherwise, you can return the EV to its home lot.

Here are some video guides on how to start and stop charging the EV

Important: If you’re ending your booking and cannot charge your EV at its charging lot, please return it to its home lot regardless of its remaining battery level so others can use the charger. Parking at a charging lot without charging your EV is illegal and can incur a penalty.

Need help? Reach out to us via Live Chat for quick support.

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