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How do I rate a vehicle’s cleanliness on the app?
How do I rate a vehicle’s cleanliness on the app?
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1. After you submit your vehicle condition report and unlock your vehicle, you’ll see an option to rate the vehicle’s interior cleanliness (1 star being the least acceptable and 5 stars being the most acceptable)

2. Tap Submit

If you rate 2 stars or less: Please provide additional details on the vehicle’s cleanliness issues so that our team can take the necessary action.

3. Select the type of cleanliness issue

4. Tap the camera icon to take and upload photos of the issue(s) you’ve selected

5. Tap Submit

Where to find your vehicle photos

The vehicle photos you submit to our app will be automatically stored in your device for your own safekeeping and reference.

iOS device: You will find vehicle photos in the Photos app

Android device: Allow access to the GetGo app to store photos on your device. To do this, go to Settings > type GetGo in the search bar > Permissions > Files and media permissions > Allow access to media only

Note: While rating your booked vehicle’s cleanliness is optional, we strongly recommend that you do so. This is to protect yourself from misattributed penalty/cleaning charges, and to help us find the right culprit.

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