How do I charge the Polestar 2?
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If the Polestar 2’s battery level is below 50% at the start of your booking, we suggest charging it at the nearest EV charging station.

If the EV’s battery level is below 50% at the end of your booking, please return it to its charging lot and leave it to charge. Learn more.

If you’re unable to unplug the cable from the charging port, please tap the Unlock cable button at the bottom right of the charge screen (as shown in the photo below).

Important notes:

  • If you’re ending your booking and cannot charge your EV at its charging lot, please return the vehicle to its home lot regardless of its remaining battery level. This is so other drivers can use the charger. Parking at a charging lot without charging your EV is illegal and can incur a penalty.

  • If you need assistance during your booking, please reach out to us via Live Chat.

  • Do not adjust the charging limit beyond 90% as recommended by the manufacturer

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